Because There is More to Digital Nomads

We have all seen the thousands of photos which pop up after typing in “digital nomad” into Google images. Most involving a laptop, a beach and a cocktail.

I feel that Digital Nomads are in real danger of getting a bad name! The problem is, the greedy amongst us seem to rank much higher when people search in google and therefore there is a one-sided perspective being portrayed on the whole Digital Nomad movement.

If it’s not beach photos (with laptops) we first come across on google, it is sales talk about how to earn money online or constant comparisons with people who choose to work in cubicles. It is showing us as a greedy group of people who want nothing other than luxury circumstances and only want to rub our lives in the faces of everybody we know less fortunate.

Couldn’t be Further From the Truth

Luckily this image is obviously incorrect for the majority of us. Most of us don’t spend our spare time trying to show off to the rest of the world how big our hotel swimming pool is. Really, I find the only people who crave the ‘working on a beach’ instagram shots that we see too many of, are those who are yet to actually leave their 9-5 jobs and really do not have a clue about the world or their involvement in it.

The digital nomads we have met usually have more interesting things to do than trying to convince everybody that they have a great life.

This false image of the digital nomad movement has been swept across the media and it really is embarrassing to sometimes use the words ‘digital nomad’ when describing to somebody what we do in our lives.

It Should be a Label to be Proud Of!

Digital Nomads, as a collective, have some of the most creative minds there is. Also, together, we possibly know more about parts of the world than any other collective group of people.

Armed with vast culteral knowledge, technological knowledge, multiple languages and much more spare time than the average person, we really have the power to achieve anything we want and to help the world best we can.

It is a group that Erin and I are very proud to be a part of and we find it amazing to see what some people give back with the freedom their location independent life gives to them.

On the Hunt

As we don’t feel the internet represents both sides of this story very well, we are starting a type of unsung heros series (of the nomad variety of course). In other words, we are out searching for all the great things digital nomads are adding to the world and sharing some of the best people we can find (and their stories) with you all.

Artists, charity workers, speakers, writers and really anybody with the will to influence and inspire the world for the better is who we are interested in. We want to take a look into the life’s of those who use location independence as a tool, not a life goal and are who are working at trying to do some amazing things with that tool they have given themselves.

So, over the next few years, as well as living in all the digital nomad hotspots that we can find from around the world, we will be rallying up the troops, heading to all the digital nomad meetups and hopefully coming across more amazing people that will inspire us and we can share with all you lovely readers.

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