Our Last Project as Digital Nomads


No, we’re not going home. We will continue to country hop, the only thing we are changing is that we will not be starting any new projects.

For the regulars, you’ll already know that we are starting new projects all the time. We get bored quite easily and live by the ‘not all the eggs in one basket’ philosophy quite religiously. We have made a big decision that this next one will be our last.

dave last project

Out of all of our projects we have ever done, not all of them have made it. The ones which have, we have managed to make them run by themselves now, to an extent. This gives us the free time to dive into something new and hopefully create some nice ripples across the internet.

This Time Things Will be Slightly Different

With this new project, we will have a little help from some friends. Friends who are great at the things we are most rubbish at.

Also to keep us on track and to keep things interesting, we are going to be completely transparent about the whole thing here on NomadSpirit. From choosing the name of the website all the way to wherever it takes us.

Although we give away our spending habits in each country we visit and also we tell you our current best performing income source, we have always held back with giving away too much information about our businesses themselves.

Not This Time

This time we are going to document everything from the start so you can follow exactly what is happening and what we are doing. I can’t think of a better way to share information for those who are curious. Whatever works, whatever fails.

We will be purposely breaking a few rules for the sake of experimentation and also sticking to some best practises which we have learned over the course of the last 18 months.

Whether we fail or succeed, we will all learn something from this which can help us in the future.

We’re excited. I hope you are too!

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    • Dave Erin says

      Hi Martín,

      I hope the information we give out can help you. I know how annoying it can be when everybody is holding their cards too close to their chest and not giving anything away incase somebody does it better.

      I was given some really good advice from a good friend a few years ago when I was living in Barcelona.

      He said “Protect everything you love by giving it all away”.

      I think it is true. Keeping secrets or trying to have one up over somebody else always leads to misery. You might as well share everything you know and help as many people as you can. In the end it will come back around. People think this is dangerous in business, but we have found it to be the opposite.

  1. says

    Intruiging post and great idea. I look forward to see towards what direction you guys will develop. There are so many digital nomads out there, and its very interesting too see how all make money online in a slightly different, creative way. Cheers!
    Daniel recently posted..Diversify Your Online IncomeMy Profile

    • Dave Erin says

      Hey Daniel,

      There are a crazy amount of digital nomads now and soon to be many more I am sure. Everybody has their own way of earning money online.

      There is already, however, somewhat of a blur in the line between the choice of earning money online and having a more traditional income. The two were once very separate things, but now for example, it is hard to be a writer or photographer or even musician without some kind of online presence in the form of a blog and numerous social network accounts.

      In the creative field especially, the question of ‘how do you earn money online?’ will soon have to replaced with just asking ‘how do you earn money?’. The online part will be assumed.

      I wonder how the increase in online work will effect people’s travel habits? More people from every country, living and socialising in every other country. Has to be a positive future, no? Seems to me like it would solve some of the worlds biggest problems all in one go.

      Thanks for stopping by Daniel :)

    • Dave Erin says

      Hey Lorna!

      That is a shame, we were there for three months as well! No, we weren’t working from Punspace, the idea of free coffee scares me as I’m trying to give it up :)

      We will most likely come back within the next year or so, maybe around September, but it won’t be for long this time as Lisbon is already organised for October. Exciting!!

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing!
    I’m from Davao and I’ve only started doing something for my digital nomad dream last year.
    As someone who is still new to it, I struggled in finding a guide of sort as most sites/blogs I’ve read make it sound too easy to jump from point A to B.

    I’ll be looking forward for more of your posts like this! :)

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