Out of The Philippines and Nearly Time to Release Our New Project

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Over the past two months we have been journeying across The Philippines in search of decent wifi, volunteering at one of the sites which was ruined by the Typhoon, meeting some cool people, feeling a little bit afraid in some places and the whole time trying to plan out our new business venture.

Yep, this is what we signed up for!

In many ways, this is the ‘real world’ we were promised just before we left school by our teachers. Albeit different to what they were picturing, I don’t know how more ‘real’ we can handle.

As you can probably imagine, it wasn’t all bliss like the photo above seems to portray. As usual, there were plenty of mishaps. Dave’s laptop decided to never turn on again, meaning we lost everything on the hard-drive.

We had a major panic with visa issues causing us to believe we had lost $3000 and to spend a whole evening and morning desperately trying to find a pay-phone to sort it out. A pay-phone which turned out not to exist on such a small island. After a sleepless night of worry, we were forced to take two taxi’s and a ferry to find somewhere which allowed us the privilege of an overseas call.

On top of that, the island itself sported a large street sign welcoming us with the words “Not Tourist Friendly”. This put us of off our stride quite a bit as we were quite obviously the only overseas tourists for quite few km in every direction.

Nearly Ready to Release Our Latest Project

We’re in Australia now catching up with friends and family and planning our next trip, which is to Portugal and then over to Mexico. As things in the ‘real world’ have calmed down drastically for us for a short time, it has allowed us to get our heads back into the online world.

Our new project revolves quite heavily around design. Over the last year we have been using the opportunity given to us by having a fairly passive income to study hard and give ourselves some really great skills in very specific areas of web design and development.

We realised early on that the design of a website is what can separate a successful one from a disaster. Great design gives the reader confidence in the writing and the effect that this has on sales, bounce rates, subscribers, shares (basically all the important stuff) is unbelievable.

Our own experience in blogging, marketing and basically running businesses without any products or services has given us first hand experience in what works and what doesn’t when it comes to keeping reader’s attention and gaining people’s trust.

Content First Design

We are really excited to be soon releasing our own series of designs, built for WordPress, which will be based around this idea of ‘content-first design’. With beautiful typography and attention to the details we know matter being at the heart of it all.

We all know WordPress is a great platform as it allows you to build full websites really quickly and get on with running your business the best you can. The problem is that many of the theme designs are trying to be the jack of all trades and end up having so many options that it is hard to keep up.

We know fancy sliders and a silly amount of features does nothing other than slow down the websites loading time and takes the attention away from the actual content of the site. It may impress a few friends when you show them your new flashy site, but it does absolutely nothing for helping your business to grow.

We know our content-first designs can help people have more success with their online businesses and we can’t wait to get them out there. We will be offering support alongside to help people out as much as we can.

Our designs, tutorials and advice regarding creating readable and sharable websites are going to be on a separate sister-website as we don’t really want to turn NomadSpirit into a shop and we try not to talk about business too much on here.

By keeping things separate, it allows us the freedom to go into full detail when talking about design and concepts that can help your business on one end and then keep NomadSpirit for talking about all the backstage stuff ( ie. most likely how we are managing to hold it all together while in Mexico!)

Following our usual routine of giving you the full details of our expenditure while in the Philippines, we will be posting that up in the next few days. There were a few surprises that we were not expecting!

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    I’m sorry to hear your experiences weren’t the best (to say the least)! I’m currently looking for different job opportunities instead of traditional employment and Davao was on my target list as a place to live on cheap(er). Were your troubles revolving around your stay in Davao, or was it the overall “filipino” experience?

    Petr Pacas recently posted..MemorabiliaMy Profile

    • Dave Browne says

      Not many of our troubles were actually anything to do with the Philippines, we just happened to be there when things went wrong! We didn’t feel too safe in Manilla and the surrounding area, Davao however was an extremely safe place to be. Our only qualm with Davao was that it was a bit boring. With the strict laws stopping parties and the likes, it felt like we were forced to leave the city to find anything interesting.

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