Stuck Following Those Who We Think Know More?

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For a place to learn from others, the internet is obviously second to none. There will always be somebody with the same question or concern as you before you meaning the answer is usually already sat there waiting for you to find it.

If your like me though, you find it very difficult to stop yourself from straying into unknown territory only to be overwhelmed with feelings of inferiority.

Especially when trying to learn a new skill.

I have a bad habit of delving in way too deep and then being angry at myself for not understanding everything.

Who is this person? How do they know all this? How do they write so well? Where did they get their 1000s of followers from?

Instead of being happy that we have found our answer and that we now know what we didn’t before, we are stuck concentrating on how somebody else beat us to it and how lame we are compared to them.

But what about the millions of people behind us who didn’t even know to ask the question?


Comparing ourselves to others must be a built-in-feature that comes with being human.

I can happily say I don’t play along at all with the ‘I have more money than you, I have a better life than you, my family is better than yours’ type of goings on.

But if I’m honest, that is because that kind of stuff never interested me from the start. Having more money was never something that impressed me.

But my competitiveness really comes out in full force when it has anything to do with learning and I think this can be just as unhealthy as the money greed.

Trying to Look Backwards Instead of Forwards

I’m sure you can workout the obvious problem with only choosing to compare yourself to those seeming to be a step or two ahead.

It is easy to forget that, for every one of those people you find yourself wanting to ask questions to, there will be thousands behind you dying to ask you some questions of their own.

And most likely, these people who you feel inferior to are also looking forward onto those who make themselves feel equally inferior.

The internet can make people look like experts, geniuses and more powerful than they actually are. Just like how facebook makes people depressed by making everybody elses life look better, the internet itself does a great job of making us feel like we know nothing.

Still an Infant

I think this just shows how new the internet still is to us all. It isn’t natural being connected to every other person and having so much information so readily available.

The reality is that there usually isn’t a forwards or a backwards. That isn’t how knowledge works anymore.

Information is passed sideways. They can take from you just as much as you can take from them. Things move way too quickly now for there to be experts. There are just those who know where to find answers quicker than others.

Once you find those people, then you know the answers too.

I see a future where people are as honest online as they are in real person. Showing their weaknesses first and becoming stronger because of it.

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  1. Marcus says


    Thanks for your posts. I always find myself trying to locate someone with an answer rather than experimenting. Especially in the tech world there’s such a wide array of incredibly talented people, who for the most part only did one thing different from myself; they actively share their knowledge. So, more power to you for sharing.

    Ps. I really would like to read your posts in feedly, but they’re cut off. Since you’re not doing ads I don’t really see a reason to need the jump. I would appreciate if the RSS feed provided full posts. Thanks!

    • Dave Browne says

      Hi Marcus,

      You’re right. Actively sharing knowledge is what sets people apart. We’re entering a ‘the more you give away the more you get back’ era and I like the way it’s going. In the past I’ve come across things where secrets were kept to try and get one over other people and I never liked that way of thinking. People might be afraid that giving away your best work is going to cost you, but actually the opposite happens.

  2. says

    I’ve really enjoyed using the internet for research more and more. The sheer treasure-trove of information out there is truly staggering. I tend to get overwhelmed with the volume at times. But I try to take it one step at a time and be systematic about it and that helps me.

    I do hear ya though about being envious or jealous of those with more skills and/or knowledge. But I like to channel it into motivating me to be better and do more! :)
    Addie K Martin recently posted..Take a Bus (get off the beaten path)My Profile

    • Dave Browne says

      Nice way to go about it Addie. Anything that can be channelled into to being focused on being better surely has to be a good thing!