Trapped By Dogma

Dogma, according to Wikipedia – “Dogma is the official system of belief or doctrine held by a religion, or a particular group or organization”

So you’re not the religious type, you don’t really follow trends and are never brainwashed by organizations or advertising..

How Does this Effect me?

It seems there is a deeper level of Dogma that can trap people on a social level which keeps them trapped, often unknowingly, for a lot of their life.

By being afraid of social rejection, people have a tendency to agree with other people’s opinions based on absolutely nothing but the fact that it will increase the chances of them building rapport with that person. It’s logical really, if you agree with somebody they are more likely to build a bond with you, feel comfortable with you and in the end, want to spend more time with you. This is the way most people make friends.

“What do you fancy to eat later?”

–  “Whatever you want. I’m not bothered either way”

“I think you would be really good at this role, it means more work, but i can see you’re a hard worker”

– “Ok yeah, if you think so”

So What’s the Problem?

There is a real danger that comes with not making your own decisions. It can become addictive!

It can continue on for years without you even realising! A life can be so full of living in other people’s decisions and ideas that you can easily forget to have time to think your own thoughts and to concentrate on doing the things that are important to you.

People can forget HOW to make their own decisions and will automatically put trust in the decisions other people have made, even if they know as much about the subject as you do. Having this false image of others being somehow superior to yourself is obviously where the real problems are and this is often just the bi-product of being stuck in dogma for so many years. This is the main reason why people stay in the same jobs for years on end even if they hate it.

“Why did you go for the promotion?”

– “Err because my boss suggested it.”

Who’s life is it? It isn’t selfish to make your own decisions. It isn’t selfish to do things because it makes you happy. It’s your life. Don’t let 10 years pass you by before you realise you weren’t happy in that relationship or you weren’t happy in that job. Becoming a full time nomad might not be for you, but having some of the spirit and confidence to sometimes say, “No, I would rather do this” could give you strength you never knew you had and save you early on from years of monotony that could end up wearing you down.

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