Instead of Looking for the Perfect Job, try Asking Yourself What you can Offer the World


If there was one sentence which I would have loved to have heard back in my school days that would have been it.

It’s a common worry, not knowing what to do with one’s life. Far before the consideration of how to be happy and how we can make the world better, there is the much more depressing question of how do we earn a living? How do we survive?


Well, we recommend you start by deciding how you can help somebody else.

Not only does helping people make you feel great, depending what it is your doing, you are probably slightly making the world better, if only for a few people.

Good Job

When I was at school the focus was always to try and get a ‘good job’.

That was it – ‘good’. That was the bar we were told to aim for.

Actually, I recall ‘good job’ being slang for ‘a full time job somewhere in town, which would pay me enough to continue living and eventually buy me somewhere to live’

Obviously, I had trouble imagining myself in any job of that description and being anywhere close to satisfied.

There was never any mention of becoming an expert and using the expertise to inspire, teach or help others. In fact, the idea of even starting a business of your own was looked down upon and heavily associated with words like risk, debt and working around the clock.

After being self-employed for 18 months now and trial and error’ing my way through numerous projects and ideas, my advice is to do exactly that.

Find out what you can offer the world, then do that and do it well!

You may not have the skills required to do it well, but lucky for you, you were born into a time where probably all the information you will need is free and instantly accessible to you.

Not only that, you are able to contact the people directly who do have the skills and ask them questions or follow them online to find out how their world works.

I can’t recommend being self employed enough. If you are smart about it, it can open up a wide range of possibilities and give you the platform you need to live your life as you see fit.

If you choose to run your business online, then it opens up the whole world for you to play in.

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  1. says

    This is just what I needed to read today, so thank you for posting it. I think its easy to focus on the lifestyle in certain jobs, as opposed to the personal experience. Sure, you may make a lot of money, but will you be excited to go into work? For me, I can find jobs in a lot of countries and cities, but I have to pick the ideal location vs the ideal job. This time I picked the employer first and settled on the city and I am so, so glad to work somewhere that truly makes me happy.
    Britney McSweeney recently posted..Busan, Korea's Temple by the SeaMy Profile

    • Dave Erin says

      Hi Britney,

      That’s great that you are working somewhere that makes you truly happy!

      When you think about, finding something that you are happy with and doing that sounds like a really obvious choice. I wonder why so many get wrapped up in the game of just trying to earn more money?

      Hopefully it is just a fad and something that will inevitably die out with time. From what I read, it seems like more people than ever are breaking out of the old mould and taking control of their lives more. Perhaps society is on the right track.

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