No Such Luck

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I want to discuss luck and how the term is so widely misused and perhaps misunderstood. I hear so many people call others lucky and it’s important to realise that luck is only related to chance. The dictionary will tell you.. Luck – “Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own

No Fear Of Not Surviving

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I am sure other longterm travellers can relate when I say that having all the time in the world makes you realise what is really important. Mainly due to the massive increase in time to think and time to ourselves. Having more time gives us the room we need to understand what really matters to

Trapped By Dogma

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Dogma, according to Wikipedia – “Dogma is the official system of belief or doctrine held by a religion, or a particular group or organization” So you’re not the religious type, you don’t really follow trends and are never brainwashed by organizations or advertising.. How Does this Effect me? It seems there is a deeper level of

Because There is More to Digital Nomads

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We have all seen the thousands of photos which pop up after typing in “digital nomad” into Google images. Most involving a laptop, a beach and a cocktail. I feel that Digital Nomads are in real danger of getting a bad name! The problem is, the greedy amongst us seem to rank much higher when

The Income Snowball & Why Greed Leads to Failure

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I do not particularly like to write too much about money, but it does seem to be the topic to float around the internet the most. Erin and I have had a theory for a while about ‘The Income Snowball’ and how separating ourselves from our income has been the most rewarding way of doing it.